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For the love of nature

Schoenheitz family works the full range of Alsatian wines according to sustainable viticultural practices and by applying certified agriculture principles as outlined by HVE (High Environmental Value). This includes minimizing the pollution of waters, air and soil, preserving and supporting the long-term balance of soil, planting natural grass between the rows, limiting all treatments to those strictly necessary, harvesting by hand with a strict selection on the vines, considering the carbon footprint when choosing materials (bottle, cork, label, etc).

The grapes and nothing but the grapes

Une grappe de gewurztraminer
The grapes and nothing but the grapes

Gentleness in all things

is the paramount rule followed by the Schoenheitz since their first harvest when the long-awaited moment arrived to transform the raw material into a promising caress for the final consumer’s palate.

Technical installations

• Harvest reception area and press are located higher than the winery to benefit from gravity flow techniques. 

• Pneumatic press allows for whole cluster pressing. 

• Temperature controlled stainless steel tanks for a total capacity of 1,000 hl (average volume of tank:35 hl). 

• Barrels from Burgundy made of French oak (Allier), renewed by one quarter each year for the ageing of our Pinot Noir. 

• Air-conditioned premises with a storage capacity of 200,000 bottles. 

Custom-tailored pressure and a “controlled” vinification

Bouteilles de vins d'Alsace Schoenheitz
Custom-tailored pressure and a “controlled” vinification

Custom-tailored pressure

Each parcel and variety is individually pressed. After passing a last phase of sorting, the entire bunch is deposited on the press. The whole installation has been specially conceived to avoid shocks and stress to the grapes during transport. It is due to this respect for the fruit that the variety and the soil can fully express themselves in “high fidelity”.

A “controlled” vinification, between nuance and subtlety...

Strict rules of hygiene, perfect temperature control of the fermentation, and constant and precise follow-up permit an accurate translation of the wine’s natural expression. The defining characteristics of the Schoenheitz style, leaving a lasting impression, are “frankness, clarity and purity.” The story is written by nature, the nuanced and subtle interpretation is provided by the deep oenological experience of Dominique, Henri and Adrien Schoenheitz.

  • Riesling
    Custom-tailored pressure and a “controlled” vinification
  • Muscat d'Alsace
    Custom-tailored pressure and a “controlled” vinification

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